About Us

BuyIFOBT is a marketer and distributor of the ForSure™ brand of non-invasive colorectal cancer screening IFOB tests.
The BuyIFOBT Difference
BuyIFOBT was born from the vision of providing a new generation of diagnostics devices. A generation that would provide enhanced care for patients and increased profits for physicians. BuyIFOBT prides itself on a customer centric experience complete with best in class products, on-line ordering, and an order fulfillment center and customer service department focused on the end-user.
Our corporate office and order fulfillment center is located in Lake Charles, LA.
Vision and Values
Our mission is to create business partnerships with medical facilities which service the best interest of the physician and their patients. BuyIFOBT will strive to bring value to our business partners in terms of cost and expertise, while continuing to introduce innovative, profit driven products to our business partners. The BuyIFOBT vision is to increase our market share daily through the execution of an exacting business model which provides the convenience and efficiency of our on-line ordering process.